Who are we?


At Ilymo, we are a team of young and passionate individuals committed to bring help for Canadians to connect and be able to sell their posts or ads easily, quickly and without spending a fortune. Ilymo provides a reliable alternative to posting your ads anywhere and allows your ad to be viewed in several languages ensuring quick sale or purchase.


What do we do?


Ilymo is a love story dedicated to spread the same love on a permanent basis to the Canadian Community. We are here to helping you stay connected all the time. From checking out what is being sold to selling things, we want to make sure you have a pleasant drive through the website.


What type of ads I cannot post?


All ads posted would be subject to a review carried by our Ilymo Team and would require approval before appearing on our website but the following will not be able to make it:

- Selling a product or service outside of Canada;

- Selling an item that would be against Canadian law;

- Creating duplicate ads in different categories for the same item;

- Creating same ad using different email addresses;

- Creating an ad that entails adult, mature or erotic content.                

- Creating an ad with racial connotations or promote "hate speech".

- Advancing opinions and provocative discussion topics. 

- Creating a misleading ad in order to attract traffic to a specific website

We are currently updating our FAQ on this with more areas to address. Please look out for this space to be updated shortly.


How to contact us?


As a valued user of our website, there are different ways for you to contact us as follows:

- Fill out our Feedback Form located at the bottom of our homepage;

- Use our Contact Us form and fill our all the details;

- Mail us directly on info@ilymo.ca;

Feel free to shout out, share love, vent out your frustration about the website or check us in for our upcoming updates.

Happy Shopping :)


How can I fast track my ads?


We have an option available just under posting type where you can select "Featured" instead of "Free Ads" and this would allow you to choose the respective package and your ads will be promoted accordingly.


COVID19 Guidance


We urge our sellers and buyers to follow the local provincial health and regulatory authorities' guidelines when it comes to safe practices during COVID19.

Best Practices are as follows:

- Curb-side Pickup and drop off of items when sold;

- Use clear pictures of the items online and write a detailed description;

- Sanitize and clean products before selling where possible;

- Sanitize and clean products after buying where possible;

- Regularly wash hands for 20 seconds

- Avoid cash transactions, use e-transfers, card payment where possible;

- Keep a safe distance where masks cannot be worn;

- Wear masks if you are meeting for a transaction.